Jun 23, 2023

‘BIP’ Trailer: 4 Former Bachelorettes, a Surprise Wedding… and a ‘Poop Baby’?!

Katie Thurston, Hannah Brown and Rachel Recchia were all Bachelorettes who didn’t end up finding everlasting love, but now they are appearing on the upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

A new trailer for Season 9 of the show has just been released!

Look like there will be some drama, since Katie will run into her ex, Blake Moynes, who does not seem thrilled to see there!

Before a clip of Blake sighing, Katie tells cameras, “I don’t think Blake’s going to be happy that I’m here.”

Could Rachel develop serious feelings for Charity Lawson’s ex, Brayden? They are seen kissing in the trailer, but near the end of the trailer, Brayden is seen saying, “I feel betrayed at this point.”

Rachel cries in another shot.

The trailer also features Sam’s “medical emergency.” Since she was unable to poop for nine days, she was told that she might have to “deliver a poop baby.”

Aside from all the drama, a wedding also seems to be happening! Without revealing the identity of the couple, host Jesse Palmer is heard saying, “I pronounce you husband and wife.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” premieres September 28 on ABC.