Oct 12, 2023

Frog Bikes reduce RRPs on selected models

Daniel Blackham 30/08/2023 News

Frog Bikes, the UK kids’ bikes manufacturer, has reduced RRPs on selected models after seeing a reduction in costs.

The bicycle industry has navigated numerous challenges in recent years, including contending with rising shipping costs and escalating componentry expenses.

This has resulted in certain models within the Frog Bikes range experiencing “less competitive” RRPs at a time when consumers are facing financial constraints.

The brand is now witnessing a reduction in shipping costs, coupled with a reversal of inflationary pressures on componentry costs and are eager to extend these savings to their customers.

Jerry Lawson, co-founder of Frog Bikes, said: “In our commitment to supporting our customers and driving sales to Independent Bike Dealers (IBDs), we are taking decisive action.

“From Thursday, August 30, we will be implementing price reductions on our balance bikes, first pedal bikes and smaller hybrid bikes, ensuring that these models are more competitively priced in the market.”

Lawson was also keen to thank IBDs for their support during this period.

He added: “We want to extend our sincere thanks to all of our stockists who have been with us for the past decade. We understand the challenges we all face, and we want to reassure you of our steadfast dedication to supporting you and advancing the Frog Bikes brand on a global level.

“Despite supply chain disruptions and escalating costs, we have made significant strides in product development, quality assurance, and sustainability initiatives.

“We eagerly anticipate the next decade of collaboration with you and our shared mission to provide exceptional bikes for children. Together, we look forward to putting more kids on great bikes.”

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Earlier this year, the UK brand doubled its extended warranty period from five years to 10 years.

This testing takes place at their cutting-edge testing facility located at their factory in Wales.

Frog Bikes are also entrusted with conducting third-party testing for select other brands.