Jun 17, 2023

Save up to $300 on Desks, Chairs, and more during FlexiSpot's Labor Day Sale

As Labor Day inches closer, FlexiSpot has already started its Labor Day Sale, with discounts of up to $300 on select office and home furniture.

Labor Day is approaching, and FlexiSpot's sale is the perfect occasion to make meaningful upgrades to your workspace. You can save up to $300 on a range of high-quality, purpose-designed furniture, with discounts reaching nearly 50%. Whether you're in the market for a high-end standing desk, a more budget-friendly one, an ergonomic office chair, or even a bed base, there's something to suit all needs.

FlexiSpot is also offering significant discounts on other ergonomic office solutions that can also make your gaming setup more comfortable and convenient. With almost half-off on some items, FlexiSpot's Labor Day sale provides an excellent opportunity to invest in quality furniture that could revamp the ergonomics of your home or office. This Labor Day Sale is ongoing and will end on Labor Day, September 7.

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The E7 standing desk is designed for stability at any height. Its thicker leg columns and column gap design allow the columns to move smoothly and seamlessly. The solid carbon steel base structure guarantees a durable and sturdy experience. The E7 standing desk has a weight capacity of 355 lbs. The E7 standing desk is expertly crafted for durability, aesthetics, and sustainability. The sleek and durable design is achieved by using an industry-leading laser-welding technique.

The FlexiSpot E5 Pro is a standing desk with a new-generation motor that allows powerful and user-friendly lifting mechanics. The dual-motor system combines with the double crossbeam structure delivers a smooth operation with stability. The desk is completely wobble-free even at its highest point.

FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus is one of the company's top-end standing desk models featuring durable carbon steel for the base structure and thicker leg columns for stability. The dual-motor lift mechanism keeps the tabletop steady and the sturdy structure ensures that there's no wobble even when gaming.

The FlexiSpot Essential Standing Desk E2 is a high-quality standing desk with an electronic lift mechanism. It has a maximum static load of 187 lbs, which is enough for most work and leisure setups. The desk also comes with advanced features such as overload protection, overheating protection, over current protection, and power outage protection. Customers can choose from various desk materials and accessories to fit their purpose.

The FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7 is an innovative and ergonomic solution designed to transform any standard desk into a versatile standing workstation. Featuring a removable keyboard tray, this desk converter is perfect for both laptops and desktop computers. The 18.5" wide U-shaped cutout enables easy use with a 17" laptop, offering flexibility and convenience.Unlike other desk converters, the AlcoveRiser M7 operates vertically, saving valuable space and ensuring better stability. With its single-handle, step-less height adjustment system, users can effortlessly alter the desk height to suit their preferences, making it ideal for those with back, arm, or wrist pain.

FlexiSpot Premium Ergonomic Office Chair C7 features an arc-shaped motion that offers all-around support. This support accommodates various sitting postures. The product also includes a self-adaptive dynamic system, which detects posture changes. As you move around, the lumbar support cushion automatically adjusts itself to maintain constant support.The lumbar support cushion has three lockable positions. You can leave it unlocked for a broader range of gentle support or lock it at an angle for enhanced lower back support. The seat height is adjustable, allowing users to raise or lower the seat for the perfect height.

The FlexiSpot Studio Standing Desk ESD101 is a versatile and functional workspace solution that allows users to easily adjust the desk's height with the push of a button. The robust frame enables swift transitions between various heights, promoting comfort, adaptability, and well-being during extended music composition sessions.Featuring a spacious work surface, the studio desk includes a top shelf capable of holding up to two display monitors and speaker monitors. Additionally, it offers six 6U rack spaces beneath for organizing equalizers and amplifiers. The durable keyboard tray accommodates a full 88-key keyboard, supporting up to 70 pounds.

The FlexiSpot S5 Pro Adjustable Bed Base offers multiple features for personalized comfort. The massager has 6 intensity levels with the highest level being 2.5 times more powerful than level 1. Three massage modes are available: Wave, Pulse, and Wave+. Users can also choose a 10, 20, or 30-minute timer for stress relief, muscle relaxation, or sleep assistance.The head massager is designed to minimize head dizziness and maximize the massage effect. The Zero-Gravity mode raises the head up to 15 degrees and the foot up to 35 degrees, reducing pressure on the body and promoting blood circulation. The Anti-Snore mode helps reduce snoring and acid reflux. Memory buttons allow users to customize their preferred positions.

Q: When is Labor Day?

Labor Day in the United States is observed on the first Monday in September. It serves as a tribute to American workers and traditionally marks the end of summer. This year it is on September 7.

Q: What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Standing desks offer several advantages, especially for those who often find themselves sitting for long periods. Extended sitting can negatively impact muscles and blood circulation, causing issues in the back, neck, and legs. By using a standing desk, you might be able to alleviate these problems.

Q: What is FlexiSpot?

FlexiSpot is a specialized company that focuses on the design and production of ergonomic furniture and accessories. Their product line includes height-adjustable standing desks, desk converters, ergonomic chairs, bed bases, and more.

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