Sep 20, 2023

Stunt cyclist balances couch on his head in busy NYC streets

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This stunt was sofa-king cool.

A New York thrill-seeker proved you don’t need furniture movers after he was spotted balancing a couch on his head while cycling through the streets of the Big Apple.

“His Neck (Game) Is On ‘All’ Menus (at any restaurants) worldwide!,” quipped stuntman Leh-Boy Gabriel Davis — better known as Leh-Boy — on a video of the balancing act posted to his Instagram page, @straitz-outta-Africa.

The Brooklyn-based trick bicyclist specializes in riding while balancing various improbable objects, including basketballs, garbage cans and even flat-screen TVs — like a Tour De France competitor combined with an acrobat for Cirque Du Soleil.

For his latest gravity-defying feat, Leh-Boy decided to bike around while wearing a sofa he found on the streets of Manhattan, a veritable Mount Everest of balancing acts.

The ensuing footage shows Davis straddling a pay-per-ride Citi Bike with his unwieldy prize perched precariously on his head.

After making sure the love seat was positioned safely atop his noggin, the Brooklynite rode along the street in front of a line of astonished onlookers, demonstrating the epitome of the street-wise bike courier.

Needless to say, viewers were impressed with the daredevil’s feat of spinal fortitude.

“WOW!!!!! Dammm you got it bro,” exclaimed one fan, while another wrote that the stunt was the “best one yet.”

“My boy gonna do a whole building next,” quipped a third.

However, some commenters feared for Davis’ safety as one armchair chiropractor wrote, “You’re damaging your vertebrae, back and possibly head.”

“Our bodies were not made for this,” they added. “Be careful! Be good to your body because you only get one.”

“I was thinking that I’d love to show this to a chiropractor and see their face,” said another.

Leh-Roy replied sarcastically to comment, writing, “You should do that. Send me their clinic address too, if they [are] located in New York City so I could stop by and have them ‘examine my neck,’ and ‘get their opinions’ on the whole idea of me continuing my Heavyweight Head BALANCING Act.”

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