Aug 16, 2023

Pokemon Sleep: How To Set & Change Bedtime

Here is how players can set and change bedtime in Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep has been attracting attention for both good and bad reasons. However, it hasn't stopped avid Pokemon fans from downloading and playing the game. Pokemon Sleep is different from any of Niantic's previous projects in that it does not require players to be active to play. All they need to do is rest and sleep, which is rather simple.

It is a welcome change from the usual games, and it might even help players who have trouble falling asleep. It has relaxing music, although it may not be for everyone. As previously stated, players will be able to play the game while they sleep. For this reason, it is important to set a proper bedtime, and it can be done in a few simple steps.

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When players boot up the game for the very first time, they will get the option to set their preferred bedtime. While it can be changed later in the game, it is advised to set a proper estimated bedtime. The first sleep session is required to complete the tutorial and proceed further.

After the initial session, if players have to change their bedtime, all they have to do is press the Sleep button in the bottom right corner of their screens. This will bring up the Sleep Preparation menu; they can add two incenses here. It is better to be creative with combinations in order to rack up the best rewards.

Below the Incense options, players will find the Bedtime button. Upon pressing the button, they can find the targeted Bedtime. They simply have to click on it and set the desired time by scrolling up and down. Once the time has been selected, Pokemon Sleep players need to press save.

Changing the bedtime resets the progress on the stamp card, so choose the time carefully.

After saving the new bedtime, players can choose whether to start sleeping immediately or come back later. It is important to remember that players can also take one nap per day, so they must utilize it as it will help fill up the Sleep Style Dex faster. After each sleep, players will be rewarded with Sleep Points, which can be redeemed for different rewards depending on the pass that they have.

The regular Sleep Pass has good rewards, but the Premium Pass offers extra benefits, making it more appealing. So it is recommended for players who want to stay ahead of the competition.

Pokemon Sleep is now available on iOS and Android.

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Pokemon Sleepset a proper bedtimeThey simply have to click on it and set the desired time by scrolling up and down. Once the time has been selected, Pokemon Sleep players need to press save.Pokemon Sleep