Oct 10, 2023

Watch: Man, With Sofa On His Head, Rides Bicycle Leaving Internet Stunned

Talented individuals capable of performing extraordinary feats have always existed in the world. It was only with the emergence of the internet and later social media that more of these talents gained widespread exposure. Social media has become a powerful platform, offering millions of people the opportunity to showcase their abilities to a global audience.

Recently, an IPS officer shared a video of a man carrying a heavy load on his head while riding a bicycle, which quickly became viral. Now, a similar video from New York’s streets has also surfaced on the internet, further emphasizing the reach and impact of social media in highlighting remarkable talents.

This video has been shared on Twitter from a handle named lledrook. The video shows a man riding a bicycle carrying a 3-seater sofa on his head. The man featured in the video first balances a big sofa vertically on his head while seated on his bicycle. He takes some time to adjust to the huge weight on his head while being stationary on his cycle. Once he is sure he is in control, he starts cycling slowly but steadily in a street full of bystanders who seem to be in awe, taking pictures on their cell phones.

new york can’t be a real place— kordell (@lledrook) August 2, 2023

After cycling some distance, the man is seen momentarily losing balance on the sofa but he quickly ditches the bike and jumps off it to shift his equilibrium and gets back in control. The video attracted a huge number of users, all of whom commented that they were left dumbfounded by the amazing physical ability of the man. Many wanted to know from where he learnt this. While people were busy praising the man, a user shared another video of the same man in the comments section, where he is seen balancing a big iron chest on his head, while stretching on the floor and dancing with bystanders,

new york can’t be a real place— kordell (@lledrook) August 2, 2023

The user wrote that it was almost like an everyday thing for the man.