Jun 28, 2023

Florida dad says his baby started to go bald after chemical attack

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A distraught Florida dad claims he, his wife and their infant daughter all suffered hair loss after a neighbor allegedly injected an opioid concoction under their door.

Umar Abdullah, 36, alleges he and his family endured vomiting, dizziness and severe headaches after Xuming Li, also 36, was caught on camera squirting a liquid containing methadone, hydrocodone and a third unknown noxious element through their door frame.

He and his wife also found “clumps of hair” on their baby girl’s pillow several times in June, as Li allegedly engaged in a month-long “torture” campaign over noise complaints.

“Our baby was losing her hair,” Abdullah told the Daily Mail.

“In that one month, we noticed our baby’s unusual hair in the shower. We Googled and realized babies don’t experience hair loss, and we noticed our hair in the shower as well.

“We can’t prove that it was linked, but we feel that it was because of the chemicals.”

Abdullah added he was shocked when he saw the camera footage because Li seemed like a “regular guy” and even a “friendly” neighbor who often stopped to chat in the hallway at the Oxford Place at Tampa Palms.

Abdullah said when his baby was born in August 2022, Li sent him a text to ask him how his wife and newborn were doing, and he even came to their door with gifts for the infant — and congratulated them by text on their “really adorable girl,” the outlet reported.

But noise complaints began a few days later, when Li asked if the family could “walk slower” to prevent him hearing their footsteps at night.

Text messages obtained by the Mail show Li regularly complained about minor noises — from the toilet seat moving, to someone dropping their phone on the floor.

At one point, Abdullah offered to buy cushioned footwear to reduce the impact of their footsteps and to even visit Li’s apartment so he could see what it sounded like for himself.

Yet the efforts did not seem to assuage Li, who in March called cops within 15 minutes of the family’s return home, complaining about the noise of their luggage scraping on the floor, the outlet reported.

Then, when the family was in Ohio for a conference in June, Li — who was expelled as a chemistry graduate student at the University of South Florida, the Mail reported — allegedly began injecting chemicals he obtained from the school into their apartment.

When the family returned, they did not know what was causing them to feel sick until a friend — while grabbing a package for them while the family was away — noticed a chemical odor coming from the door.

Abdullah also noticed the scent and suspected an issue with his water heater. But the stench persisted even after he replaced the appliance and had their air ducts and vents cleaned, the outlet reported. Desperate for a resolution, he called the fire department, which did tests but found nothing amiss.

It was only after the family became sick again that Abdullah set up a hidden camera outside his door and caught Li in the act, the outlet reported.

Abdullah told the Mail he immediately vacated the condo and called police, who arrested Li and slapped him with a slew of felony raps including possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Li was released on bond; his next court date is Dec. 5.

The owners association’s bid to evict Li and his roommate is ongoing.

Abdullah told the outlet his family continues to worry about their safety.

“We are still living in constant trauma, haunted by the memories of that dreadful day,” he said.

“Now, after a month, almost every other day we still clean and disinfect the door area with disinfectant hoping to rid ourselves of any poison that the monster injected for us to inhale.”

“Since the incident, we’ve lost our sense of security and we can’t leave our home alone,” he added.

“My wife and daughter used to enjoy their mornings out while I work, but now they’re paralyzed by fear and do not dare to go just by themselves.”