Tea Seed Meal Used in Killed Earthworm and Snails

Tea Seed Meal Used in Killed Earthworm and Snails

Product Description The Tea Seed Meal With Straw is the residue of tea seeds (also named camellia seeds) after camellia


Basic Info.
Infection On Soil Physiological Neutral
Chemical Character Chemical Neutral
Raw Material Agricultural Waste
Type Miscellaneous Fertilizer
Transport Package 25/30/50kg PP Bag
Specification Saponin>18%
Trademark XSY
Origin China
Production Capacity 1000ton/Month
Product Description

Product Description

The Tea Seed Meal With Straw is the residue of tea seeds (also named camellia seeds) after camellia oil extraction. The key content of tea seed meal meal with straw is the tea saponin which has haemolysis to red blood cell but had no haemolysis to white blood cell such as shrimp and prawn's blood, with this feature, it is widely used as natural pesticide for pond preparation to kill the snails, earthworm, nematode worms, clam, tadpole, leech, predatory fishes and other pests, etc. On the other hand, it can accelerate the growth of algal according to decompose organic fertilizer. And it can be used as nature organic fertilizer because of high content of protein.

With different manufacture processing method and customer preferences, the tea seed after oil extraction are smashed, milled and formed into different types: tea seed meal with straw, tea seed meal without straw, tea seed pellet, tea seed powder, tea seed slice, etc. They are same product but just different in the particle size and appearance to better suit different using purpose.

For a guide to choose the product type, the tea seed meal is used more on agriculture as it's easier for broadcasting, and tea seed powder is used more on aquaculture as it's easier soluble in the water, tea seed pellet is more used on golf court as it's well shaped with no dusts to keep the grass clean. These however are suggestions and the farmers could adopt tea seed meal or powder on agriculture and aquaculture for different crops and using purpose according to the actual situation.

Functions & Benefits

1.) Killing snails with high effect and no toxic residue

Tea seed meal with straw can be used in paddy field, vegetable field, flower field and golf court to kill apple snail, golden apple, Amazonian snail, earthworm and so one. And it won't bring harm to the rice, vegetable, flower and grass.

2.) Cleaning pond with no pollution

Tea seed meal with straw can kill the unusable fish, loach, tadpole, frog-spawn and other aquicolous insects. It also can accelerate the growth of aquatic-gross and fasten the exuviations of shrimp and crab, but never threaten them.

3.) Natural organic fertilizer

Tea seed meal with straw can adjust the soil trace elements and promote the growth of plant roots. It can get rid of the pests, diseases, virus, and even enhance the resistibility to the pests and diseases.

4.) Feed additives

Tea seed meal is rich in different kinds of nutrient substances, including protein, sugar, fiber and so on. So it can be used as feed raw material after detoxication. Tea seed meal is a kind of non-pollution and green organic additive, it can increase the production in fishery.

Saponin18% min
Organic matter (dry basis)85% min
Moisture7% max
Total Nitrogen (N)3% min
Total Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5)1% min
Total Potassium Chloride (K2O)1% min
Application & Dosage

For Agriculture:

Rice 2-5 cm 50-100 kgs
Water Chest Nut 1-3 cm 100-300 kgs
Lotus 1-2 cm 100-300 kgs
Water Arum 5-10 cm 100-200 kgs
Vegetables -- 200-300 kgs

For Aquaculture:

While Salinity > 20%, apply 0.01-0.015kg/m3 water

While Salinity < 20%, apply 0.01-0.030kg/m3 water

Packaging & Shipping

Our normal packing methods are as follows, it can be also customized upon customer requests.

The shipment is one of our top concern in our customer service, our well cooperated shipping agent united with strengthful shipping line make sure the customer receive the commodities in a good time and good condition.

Company Information


The company's head office is located in Changsha which is the provincial capital of Hunan Province. It takes only 30 minutes from our office to the airport and 20 minutes to the high speed train station by car. Changsha is also very near to the China southern biggest coastal city - Guangzhou (2.5 hours by train). The well located position and union of strong shipping companies makes us a quick action to the shipment delivery and close connection to our customers from all over the world.


The company's factory is located in Liuyang city which is about 30 kilometers from our head office. Liuyang is a key important agriculture town with plenty of natural quality materials and resources. we create a powerful supply with high standard to all our products.

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